The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra
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“The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success: A Practical Guide To The Fulfillment Of Your Dreams” by Deepak Chopra is a short and simple book, but also one that is also profound and enjoyable as a guide filled with timeless wisdom and practical steps you can apply to create more success in all areas of your life. It is based on his longer book, “Creating Affluence”.

Chopra begins by saying these are also the laws of life, and that they are the same principles that nature uses to create everything in material existence. He then defines success as the continued expansion of happiness and the progressive realization of worthy goals. He says success is the ability to fulfill your desires with effortless ease. He then briefly describes the concept of laws. After these definitions, he proceeds to go over the seven spiritual laws of success and how you can apply them in our lives.

Each of the chapters begins with a couple of sentences regarding the law. Then there is a quote related to the concept. Then there are a number of pages explaining the law. Finally, each chapter ends with some steps for applying the law.

The first law is of pure potentiality and is based on pure consciousness, which is found through practicing silence, meditation, and non-judgment. The second law is the law of giving. He notes that it could also be called the law of giving and receiving, because the two complete a dynamic exchange, and the more you give, the more you receive. You practice by giving and being grateful for all you receive. The third is the law of Karma, or cause and effect. This refers to action and the consequence of that action. You learn to make choices and recognize the consequences of the choices you make. The fourth law is of least effort, and as Chopra explains, the law is based on the fact that nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease and abandoned carefreeness. To practice this law you practice acceptance, responsibility, and defenselessness. Law five is that of intention and desire. This chapter helps you understand your desires and relinquish your attachment to the outcome. The sixth law is of detachment. According to Chopra, to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. The seventh, and final, law is that of Dharma or purpose in life. This chapter focuses on our unique talents and how we express it. It’s about our true self, our unique talents, and service to humanity. The book then has a short conclusion that brings everything together.

Even though the book deals with complex topics, it is written in a very easy to understand manner. The book is short and can be read quickly, but will have a more profound impact if savored slowly. One should take some time to understand how the laws can be applied to one’s life through the suggestions at the end of each chapter.

This simple book really does share some powerful principles to live by and help you create a more satisfying life. I’ve just read it again for a reminder of what’s important, and to help ground me toward living at a congruent level.

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