Living in Harmony With the Universal Law of Giving
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Upon reading this article on the Law of Giving, I challenge you to start giving yourself away during your day today! Watch how the changes in your universe show up immediately! It is a wonderful experience!

The universal Law, the Law of Giving states the universe operates through dynamic exchange, nothing is static; change is energy’s only attribute. Life really is the interaction of various elements and forces; whether this interaction is harmonious or not can be seen in the results. Since this exchange is dynamic, anything that stops the flow causes stagnation. This is no different from looking at a clogged drain or arterial disease in which a clot forms and inhibits normal blood flow. You must give and openly receive in order to keep it circulating in your life.

“The universe operates through dynamic exchange… giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.”
-Deepak Chopra

Below, I have provided 3 key points about the Law of Giving that I am hopeful you will consider and incorporate into your daily life. As you do, you will notice an increase of good come into your life. At times, this good will be overwhelming! Enjoy! You created that good by first giving it away!

The Law of Giving has been called the primary or fundamental law of life and the first law of all creation. Most people live as go-getters with a “what’s in it for me” attitude or “what can I get out of this” mentality. When a mind or person is focused on getting and not on giving, that person is unable to access the great powers of the universe. They are creating a state of resistance, not of abundance. The law of giving is definite, and the act of giving always precedes and determines the amount and quality of the reception.

“Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure running over.”
-Luke 6:38

As you begin to understand, practice and internalize this Law of Giving take away, know that whatever you create in your life, whether deliberately or non-deliberately, it starts with what you are first willing to give away.

Even more exciting is that you can learn to give more willingly and graciously when you incorporate this into your life and your own deliberate creation process!

The law of giving states that energy must flow or it stagnates. It really is all about the flow of energy and love to and through you! The law of giving also requires that you give openly, freely, and without expectation. It is the thought vibration that goes out with your act of giving that matters. If you give something but feel badly about it or feel jealous, anxious, not like doing it, or are giving with the intention to see what you will get in return, you are sending out a negative vibration with your act, and you will not be able to stay connected. You must give openly, freely, and without want. Be excited and happy when you give; know that you are taking part of a grand universe that is founded upon giving. The Spirit gave this entire wondrous world to us; the Spirit gave it to us without expecting anything in return. It makes perfect sense that giving freely and without want with the intentions and feelings of good and high vibrations will keep you connected to the Spirit.

The law of giving means that you can stay connected to the Spirit when you give yourself. I sometimes think of this as giving my soul away to God. Give love, give joy, give help, give anything that will raise the vibrations of the giver and receiver; you are then adding to the good of the universe. The law of giving states that which you give away, you get to keep.

The law of giving is often considered a two-way law. The law of giving also requires that you receive, so I am calling it the law of giving and receiving. The law of giving also is closely related to the universal law of allowing. You must remain open to receiving, accepting, and allowing good, or you will put up resistance and block the flow of good energy to you.

“The more easily you can receive, the more easily the universe can give it to you.”
-Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

This Law of Giving and its reciprocation can be observed when someone gives another person a compliment, which is essentially good energy. When the person receiving the compliment graciously accepts the compliment and oftentimes returns the compliment, everyone feels good. In this instance, the flow of energy continues as energies are raised. Now, if the person receiving the compliment puts up resistance, such as saying, “No, I don’t deserve those kind words,” not only does the person receiving the compliment feel bad and put out negative energy, but the person who gave the compliment feels badly and may even think that they were wrong to send the kindness. In this instance, the good flow of positive energy is blocked, the energy stagnates.

So be willing to give and be willing to receive. Be grateful for the opportunity to give and also the opportunity to receive. That is what mastery of the law of giving is all about! Have fun with this!

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