Home Improvement & Remodels – Discover the Ten Top Home Remodeling Ideas Today
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You know you want to do something to your home, but what? What makes sense in today’s economy? What would have the biggest benefit and perhaps create the most extra value?

In good economies or poor, the types of home improvements people make change very little. What does change is whether or not they move ahead and how many of the projects they decide to do.

What is a Home Improvement?

I focus on remodels or home improvements in this article rather than a home addition. While all home additions are home improvements, not all home improvements are home additions. That’s an important distinction.

With a home improvement or remodel, we’re typically not talking about adding square footage, foundation, or roofline to the home. You would be working within the confines of the existing exterior walls and under the same roof. I discuss home additions in other articles.

The Most Popular Home Remodeling Projects 

To help you decide, here is a list of the ten most widely popular home improvements today. Ultimately, you will decide based upon your specific needs. Use this list for ideas and inspiration. Please note that they are in no specific order. You should base your decisions on your own personal desires and needs.

1) To modernize your home for your enjoyment or resale: Homes become out of date in a few years. Carpeting, wallpaper, countertops, fixtures, appliances, cabinets, lighting, and other finishing materials can become old and outdated.

2) To improve the looks and functionality of the kitchen: This very popular remodel is a very practical one. Kitchens are central to the home and it’s more about creating conveniences than adding luxury.

3) To revitalize a tired old bathroom: Often bathrooms are too small for the latest styles of tubs and showers. Bathrooms (as well as kitchens) tend to provide the biggest bang for your buck when trying to build equity in your home.

4) To improve the feel and flow of the home: Many older and smaller homes are too cut up and crowded. Eliminating rooms and hallways and conjoining popular living areas can really add to the livability of a home.

5) Convert a home for handicap accessibility: More people are doing this as the population ages. Making homes accessible to the handicap will make the home more marketable and potentially worth more.

6) Energy efficiency, insulation, and greening up the home: Lowering your recurring energy bill expenses add to your comfort, peace of mind, and your homes value.

7) Adding curb appeal with an exterior make-over: This can be a more expensive project but by changing the siding, window framings, roofline, and landscaping, you can make a dramatic and profitable upgrade to the look of your home.

8) Restoring historical homes to their original look: There are times when government grants can help with this project. This project can be very rewarding and offer a uniqueness that you may not otherwise be able to achieve.

9) Remodeling and finishing off the basement: Often this is a pretty cost effective way to add square footage to your home. It doesn’t require more foundation or roofline. It’s a very popular remodel in certain areas and markets.

10) To improve the quality and luxury of the home: This is similar to the first item concerning modernizing the home. The difference here is that with this reason for remodeling, you’re looking more for specific design and taste to move into something spectacular rather than away from something unsatisfactory.

Get Professional Help & Don’t Overdo It

Remember, it’s all your goals. Why do *you* want to remodel? What’s in if for you? Any of these ideas could be reason enough move forward in today’s economy. Home building and remodeling coaches and other professionals can help you with the costs of your project. Know why you want to complete the project and stick with your plan. Don’t be frivolous in a tougher economy.

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